Sobre Eletrocardiograma

Use electrodes of the same brand. Using different brands with dissimilar composition can hinder an accurate ECG trace.

The ECG is often normal or nearly normal with many types of heart disease, such as coronary artery disease.

It takes about 10 minutes to attach the electrodes and complete the test, but the actual recording takes only a few seconds.

Each individual lead’s ECG recording is slightly different in shape. This is because each lead is recording the electrical activity of the heart from a different direction (a.k.a viewpoint).

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For better electrode adhesion and oil-free skin, rub the area with an alcohol prep pad or gauze paid with benzoin tincture.

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Permite o uso por cadeiras do rodas e cadeiras utilizadas de modo a pacientes com paralisia cerebral. Este CBCO é de cúpula móvel para crianças qual permite realizar o exame pelo colo do responsável.

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The patient unbuttons or removes clothing for convenient attachment of electrodes in the points required for the study and lies on the couch.

Lead augmented vector foot (aVF) get more info has the positive electrode on the left leg. The negative pole is a combination of the right arm electrode and the left arm electrode:

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Detect if there are significant electrolyte abnormalities, such as high potassium or high or low calcium.

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